Bespoke Songwriting Service

The Bespoke Songwriting Service is an opportunity for clients to create something ruminative and unique.

About the Service:

Is a loved one’s landmark 70th Birthday approaching? Have you just become a grandparent for the first time? Have you lost someone dear and want to create a gift that captures and celebrates their life? Has your daughter just got married and you are looking for a special wedding gift? Has your best-friend just had a baby?

Whatever the event or circumstance, the Bespoke Songwriting Service could be the ideal offering. Why not have a song written specifically for that person or occasion? A song with its own unique musical fingerprint, that can be kept and treasured forever?

How does it work? What is the process?

Providing Anna with as much information (of the person/subject of interest) that you wish to dedicate the song to is a great starting point. This could be conducted through a phone call/email that presents all the details and memories you would like to go into the song. Once all the necessary information has been collected, Anna can start to compose poetic prose (the lyrics), and start to create a musical identity (melody and accompaniment). You, the client, can provide as much information as you like; the content of the narrative, the preference of the musical style (“Robert loved Bob Dylan and Crosby, Stills and Nash”), to its instrumentation (vocals and piano, vocals with full band, no drums etc…).

Or, if you have written something lyrical/poetic yourself this can be used and set to music (a melody, with accompaniment). The process is very flexible and will depend on the client entirely, as it is completely bespoke.

Services of this personal and creative nature are currently few and far between. But like anything personalised, the meaning and sentiment embedded in each song goes beyond what a conventional offering might give. If you wish to discuss how this service could be managed for your own enquiry, please do not hesitate to email or contact Anna directly.

A client has kindly agreed to share their bespoke song that was written and played for their close relatives funeral: – ‘Just Like That’

‘Just Like That’

A client has kindly agreed to share their bespoke song that was written for them and their partner, gifted to them from a best friend, on their wedding day. – ‘Love and Us’

‘Love and Us’

Clients have, in the past, come to me with words/lyrics/poem and also requested purely instrumental composing to go alongside their stories. Paul is an example of a client who had written lyrics and wanted to find the write tonality, chord progressions and timbres to bring his story to life as music. ‘You’re the One’ was recorded and produced in a studio of the client’s choice and further uploaded for distribution! Check out Paul’s song on Spotify, iTunes and other streaming platforms!

‘You’re the One’

Whilst this is a personalised service for clients, if you would like to hear more of Anna’s original music to gain a better insight into her sound and to even get some ideas of accompaniment for your own songs, please have a listen to her debut album ‘Circles’ at the following links