An introduction…

Coming from a classically trained background, Anna has spent the last twelve years refining her musicianship with a heightened focus on piano and vocal disciplines.

Qualified under the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music, Anna completed her practice in both instruments and furthered her study at King’s College London, graduating with a Music degree in 2019. During that time, her vocal studies were enhanced by tutors from the Royal Academy of Music and her classical repertoire expanded. Annual recitals required a coherent and well-constructed programme of works to perform for assessment, including Arias, Lieders, and Classical songs from highly reputable composers; Roger Quilter, Joseph Haydn, Vaughan Williams, Robert Schumann, Franz Schubert etc…

In conjunction with her classical trajectory, Anna has developed her interest and skillset for popular and contemporary musical style. Performing songs from the mid-twentieth century such as Elvis Presley and Patsy Cline to current mainstream popular music of Shakira and Ed Sheeran, Anna has defined herself as a versatile performer in many different capacities. Having the experience of performing contrasting repertoires, Anna has established a strong and confident profile as a performer and a musician, with the ability to alter her programmes/setlists to cater for her audiences/clients and interact with them, effectively.

The hybridity of both her Classical and Popular music interests coalesced at an early stage in her learning development and initiated her flair and desire to song-write from a young age. Since, her original songs have been performed at concerts, in competitions and have inspired her to audition for Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice in the past. Songwriting also became a fuelling force behind her motivation to take up new instruments independently, which has consequently expanded the dimension of her performances. In 2019, Anna released her 10-track debut album “Circles” across online streaming platforms. Her songs have featured on local radio stations and have climbed their radio charts. Showcase spots at local Festivals and music events has also helped gain traction in the last few years for Anna as a performer and a songwriter. Even up to her most recent experiences, her active immersion in music and the aspiration to keep learning and developing has been cultivated in her previous employment as a Rock Music teacher in primary schools; teaching children aged 4-11 years piano, guitar, drums and singing and nurturing confidence and self-belief in these children through music.

Below are just some examples of venues Anna has performed at in her career so far:

The Royal Albert Hall, The Beacon Theatre Broadway, Brixton Academy, Brentwood Cathedral, Dingwall’s Camden, Watford Comedy Club, 93 Feet East, The American Indian Cafe Lanzarote.